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Propulsion Systems & Aircraft Certification

Transport Canada (TCCA) Design Approval Representative (DAR): Powerplant Installations, Engines & Noise

BAC Aerospace provides national-level expertise in aircraft certification and engineering services to support aeronautical industry clients in obtaining Transport Canada (TCCA) certification of their type design or a design modification (STC). Our specialty is aircraft propulsion and all associated powerplant subsystems for general aviation and transport category airplanes and helicopters.  

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Our founder is the only Transport Canada DAR to have worked for Transport Canada itself as a National Aircraft Certification propulsion expert.  This scarce expertise, previously available only to major OEMs, is for the first time being offered in Canada to small and medium aviation companies.  Having worked on most key propulsion system installation projects undertaken in Canada this century, as well as on 100+ STCs projects, on both the TCCA and the industry side, he can now help you.

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  • Companies wishing to modify aircraft via STC

  • Startup aeronautical companies & innovators

  • Established aircraft OEM

  • Independent DAOs

  • Canadian and international clients

  • Aircraft certification and compliance findings

  • Design services to ensure certifiability

  • Engineering analysis

  • Development & certification testing

  • On-demand consulting services

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  • General aviation aircraft

  • Transport category, fixed-wing aircraft

  • Both prop-driven and jets

  • Rotorcraft, both normal and transport category

  • Engine type design 

  • Environmental regulations, including aircraft noise 

Unique advantages offered by working with BAC Aerospace, giving your a competitive edge.

  • Insider knowledge of Transport Canada, its processes, and expectations

  • Working relationship with other regulatory agencies (FAA, EASA, etc.)

  • Experience and scope of delegation in the field unmatched by any other Powerplant DAR

  • Expert knowledge of regulatory requirements - and how to meet them

  • Added project credibility, an important consideration to attracting potential investors 

  • Expertise in handling special conditions, issue papers, equivalent safety, etc.

  • Up to date knowledge of cutting edge technologies, including electric propulsion & green aviation

  • New aircraft designs, fixed-wing and rotary-wing, irrespective of propulsion type

  • Propulsion system installations or modifications to existing fixed-wing aircraft: turbofan, turboprop or piston

  • Propulsion system or drivetrain installations or modifications to existing rotorcraft

  • Installation of Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs) on existing fixed-wing aircraft of rotorcraft / VTOL

  • Other engine model changes on aircraft or rotorcraft (e.g. power increase, etc.)

  • Propeller change projects

  • Modifications to any powerplant-related substems

  • EICAS installation as part of glass cockpit upgrade

  • Installation of Inlet Barrier Filters (IBF)

  • Engine type design modifications

  • Acoustics (noise) recertification due to other design changes, or weight/drag increases

Typical projects we can help you with:

We solve problems and provide solutions for a wide range of clients, including companies working on engine change STCs, aeronautical design startups, and established aircraft manufacturers looking to expand or supplement their existing capabilities on a project-specific basis.  We can help you achieve TCCA certification.