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Engineering Analysis

BAC Aerospace provides a comprehensive suite of highly specialized analytical services required to develop and certify aircraft propulsion systems. Our capabilities include system safety analyses, physics-based analytical models to supplement or minimize testing, and Computer-aided engineering methods.

Our Engineering Analysis Expertise 


Engineering analysis is quite obviously an indispensable tool required to design and develop aircraft, including their propulsion systems.  It is also a common means of compliance, of showing that the design meets the applicable certification requirements.

In the case of aircraft systems – including powerplant installations – the required analytical approaches go well beyond the structural analysis and include various types of specialized techniques to ensure and demonstrate system safety.  A list of analytical techniques applicable to propulsion system installations is shown below.

At BAC Aerospace, our job is to identify what should be analyzed and which specific techniques are needed to ensure compliance with the regulations.  Once the above pre-requisite is met, we can do the analyses ourselves, or we can review the analysis done by the client or a third party supplier, and approve it for compliance, as long as it meets the necessary criteria.

System Analysis & Assessment

  • Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA)

  • System Safety Analysis (SSA)

  • Particular Risk Analysis (PRA)

  • Zonal Safety Analysis (ZSA)

  • Critical Point Analysis (CPA)

  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • Rotorburst

  • Drainage

  • Ventilation

  • System analysis

  • Thermal & fluid flow

  • Failure analysis

  • Duct rupture analysis

  • Ignition source analysis

  • Vulnerability analysis

  • Torching flame analysis

System analysis

Structural Analysis

  • Static stress analysis of components & assemblies

  • Structural loads analysis

  • Non-linear analysis

  • Fatigue

  • Thermal

  • Vibration

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