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Aircraft Modification STCs

Our DAR has extensive experience in STC modifications of general aviation and transport category airplanes and helicopters.  We specialize in engine change programs and other modifications related to the aircraft propulsion (powerplant) field.  We can also help with noise certification.

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We specialize in propulsion system / engine changes
Are you thinking of upgrading your airplane, or the whole fleet, with more fuel-efficient and powerful engines? Is your helicopter fleet using older-model, unreliable engines with poor hot-and-high performance, and you want to modernize it, perhaps even start selling a mass-produced conversion? Are you looking to electrify your aircraft fleet? Perhaps all you are looking for is just a propeller change?
If any of these apply to you – we can help.  At BAC Aerospace, we specialize in propulsion system modifications, no matter the type of aircraft or the means of its propulsion. With decades of experience, both on the industry side and as a national expert in the field for Transport Canada, Chris Baczynski of BAC Aerospace has been involved in a majority of consequential engine/powerplant installation & conversion programs performed in Canada in the 21st century.

As a Transport Canada Design Approval Representative (DAR), we can help get you the required STC approval.  Our services are scalable and can be adapted to your specific needs - ranging from consulting only to working together with your in-house design team to provide you with certification work required -  all the way to providing a turnkey design-and-certify solution.
Typical design modification projects we can help you with
  • Brand new propulsion system installations on existing fixed-wing aircraft: turbofan, turboprop or piston

  • Brand new propulsion system or drivetrain installations on existing rotorcraft

  • Installation of Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs) on existing fixed-wing aircraft of rotorcraft / VTOL

  • Other engine model changes on aircraft or rotorcraft (e.g. power increase, etc.)

  • Propeller change projects

  • Propulsion system modifications

  • EICAS installation as part of glass cockpit upgrade

  • Installation of Inlet Barrier Filters (IBF)

  • Induction system modifications

  • Engine type design modifications

  • Acoustics (noise) recertification due to other design changes, or weight/drag increases

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