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Image by Alec Douglas

Aircraft Modification STCs

BAC Aero is a creation of a former Canadian government expert in aerospace propulsion certification field.  The intent is to provide expertise to the emerging aircraft OEM and STC market that previously available only to large OEMs such as Bombardier, Bell Helicopter Canada or Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Typical design modification projects we can help you with:
  • Brand new propulsion system installations on existing fixed-wing aircraft: turbofan, turboprop or piston

  • Brand new propulsion system or drivetrain installations on existing rotorcraft

  • Installation of Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs) on existing fixed-wing aircraft of rotorcraft / VTOL

  • Other engine model changes on aircraft or rotorcraft (e.g. power increase, etc.)

  • Propeller change projects

  • Propulsion system modifications

  • EICAS installation as part of glass cockpit upgrade

  • Installation of Inlet Barrier Filters (IBF)

  • Induction system modifications

  • Engine type design modifications

  • Acoustics (noise) recertification due to other design changes, or weight/drag increases