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Expert Services

BAC Aerospace offers a full suite of aircraft certification services in the powerplant specialty to get your airplane, helicopter or other design approved by Transport Canada and other regulators. Whether you need design, analysis or testing help or are simply looking for a Transport Canada delegate who can get you the approval, we’ve got you covered.


As a Transport Canada Design Approval Representative (DAR), BAC Aerospace provides the necessary aircraft certification services to get your design approved. Our delegation includes a broad scope covering all aspects of propulsion/powerplant/engine installations on general aviation and transport category aircraft and helicopters. We also hold delegation in the engine (part 33) and environmental certification fields, including aircraft noise.

We believe the right way to develop an aircraft or an aircraft modification is to account for the certification requirements during the design process.  We work with our clients to ensure the certifiability of the product by providing technical design advice during the aircraft development process or by performing the engineering design ourselves.  

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Integration and certification of aircraft propulsion systems require various analyses and assessments, quite apart from doing just the structural analysis. 

For a typical list, see our Analysis page.  We can review your system-level analyses for our delegated approval or do the analyses for you.

Comprehensive testing remains an absolute necessity in the development and certification of aircraft propulsion system installations.  For many aircraft-level regulatory requirements, testing is the only means allowed. At BAC Aerospace, we can help you with the tests necessary to complete the aircraft development campaign and the "for-credit" certification testing.

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Occasionally, cases may arise where the import or export of an aircraft requires the expertise of an aircraft certification engineering consultant.


If the aircraft you desire cannot be easily imported into Canada under the usual provision of inter-country bilateral agreements, we can help.  

BAC Aerospace is available for technical consulting on projects involving aerospace propulsion systems and integration, their design, testing and certification. We offer services to supplement the capability of aircraft OEMs and other design approval organizations on a project-specific basis in hard-to-find technical areas.

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