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BAC Aero is a creation of a former Canadian government expert in aerospace propulsion certification field.  The intent is to provide expertise to the emerging aircraft OEM and STC market that previously available only to large OEMs such as Bombardier, Bell Helicopter Canada or Pratt & Whitney Canada.

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Our services are also available on a consulting basis, in addition to turnkey solutions, work package, partner, or team member arrangements. This flexibility allows the client to choose the terms most suitable to their particular situation.

Our consulting services in the aircraft certification and propulsion field are provided by Chris Baczynski, our founder and Transport Canada Design Approval Delegate.


You want the best expertise available when the success of your business hangs in the balance!

At BAC Aerospace we offer a broad range of consulting solutions to fit your needs

Aircraft certification

As a national-level expert in aircraft certification, Chris Baczynski can provide you with the advice or deliver the services you require. From the basic principles of how the design approval process works, through coming up with an application and a certification plan, to doing the airworthiness substantiation work - we can help you with any and all phases of the process.

If you are looking for a quick general overview of what it takes to certify and approve aircraft modifications or a new aircraft, contact us for a free 15-minute consultation with Chris.

Problem-solving & technical advisory services

Consulting comes down to solving the client's problems. Designing, developing, and certifying aeronautical products is rife with many challenges. Whatever the obstacle or technical challenge your company is facing, if it involves aircraft propulsion or aircraft certification at large, we are here to help you.  


Design consulting

The best, shortest, and least expensive way to get an aircraft design certified is to design it with the applicable requirements in mind. Alas, many companies just starting in this business do just the opposite. They do the design first and then attempt to match the requirements to an already existing design. This approach does not work well. It leads to expensive redesigns, months or years of delays. Often, the result is the loss of financial backing and failure of the program.

BAC Aerospace is here to ensure this does not happen to your project. By having us involved in the design phase, we can help your design team develop a product that will meet the certification requirements. We can tell you what is approvable and what is not. We save you time and money by advising you on the best design alternative. The earlier you get us involved in the design phase, the better.

Authority negotiations

The process of developing and certifying new aircraft and aircraft modifications involves - or at least should involve - numerous negotiations with the regulatory authorities. If your company is having difficulties reaching an equitable technical agreement with Transport Canada, give us a call. 

Certification program management

In this tightly regulated industry, aircraft development and certification programs need specialized program management techniques and close liaison with the regulatory authorities to be successful. We can manage the certification program for you or help and guide you through the process.

Organizational & management consulting

Many aircraft development and certification programs have failed or floundered due to not having the proper organizational setup and management structure. We can help you review your organizational and certification management practices to verify if there is room for their improvement. 

Expert witness 

As a former government expert and experienced professional in the field of aircraft design safety and aeronautical propulsion system approval, Chris is qualified and available to act as an expert witness in litigations involving civil or criminal liability related to aircraft design and certification.

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