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 Startup & Emerging 
Aircraft Companies

BAC Aerospace is the first and only consulting and engineering services company in Canada to offer national-level aircraft certification services in the field of propulsion.  We work with small & growing companies wishing to bring new aircraft, helicopter or eVTOL designs to the Canadian market.

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We are here to help you
BAC Aerospace was founded with startup and emerging aircraft companies in mind.  We know aerospace is a tough business and that nowadays, it takes less time and effort to build a working prototype than it takes to get the design approved by the government regulators. That is why we are here to help you!
As former government regulator himself, a senior engineering expert with Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification, our founder and principal consultant, Chris Baczynski, knows exactly what it takes to get the coveted Type Design approval.  Before working for the government, Chris has spent half of his career working on the industry side as an employee, a manager, and a consultant.  Having been intimately involved in the design, development, and certification of airplanes and helicopters, Chris holds delegated authority issued by Transport Canada to determine whether a design complies with the applicable technical requirements. 
Our specialty is aircraft propulsion

In addition to overall aircraft certification, our technical specialty is propulsion systems, or to use a more technical term, powerplant installations at the aircraft level.  These include not only the engine (or motor) installation but also any associated systems, including propellers, engine controls, firewalls, cowlings, air intakes and exhaust, fuel and oil, bleed air, engine instruments, and so on. We can work with all means of propulsion, be it turboprop, turbofan, piston, electric, or hybrid.

We also have the government-delegated authority to determine compliance for engine designs.  Note that certification of powerplant installations at the aircraft level, and certification of engines, are two completely different things, covered by different regulations and authorizations.  For more information, please see Engine vs Propulsion System Certification.

What makes us unique

BAC Aerospace is the first and only consulting and engineering services company in Canada to offer national-level aircraft certification services in the field of propulsion.  Other unique advantages we offer include:

  • Extensive experience in the field of certification of aerospace propulsion products, both in the industry and as a regulator. Chris has worked on the majority of significant aircraft propulsion system certification projects undertaken on Canadian soil this century.

  • By far the broadest and most complete scope of delegation in the field of aerospace propulsion, out of all private delegates in Canada.  This means we can sign for more regulatory requirements – in the propulsion field - than anybody else.

  • Detailed knowledge of certification processes and practices of all major Canadian aircraft OEMs and many other aircraft OEMs worldwide.  We know what works best and can help you build a certification system that works to your advantage.

  • As a former Transport Canada powerplant expert, Chris is well-known within Transport Canada aircraft certification and has cultivated professional connections with his counterparts in other regulatory agencies and major aircraft OEMs worldwide.  

  • Insider knowledge and expertise in the field of approval of new & novel technologies and development of associated regulations and methods of compliance.  Such knowledge is particularly valuable for companies working on projects involving new propulsion concepts, such as electric propulsion or urban mobility vehicles.

  • Experience and delegated authority in airplane certification, helicopter certification, and engine certification. Typically, delegates spend their entire careers in only one of the above three domains.  Having the expertise and authorization for all three is a paramount advantage, both for traditional designs and especially when it comes to non-traditional concepts like hybrid-eVTOL vehicles or distributed propulsion systems.

For more information on our capabilities, we encourage you to refer to the services pages of our website or get in touch with us via e-mail or telephone.
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