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We solve problems and provide solutions for a wide range of clients, including companies working on engine change STCs, aeronautical design startups, and established aircraft manufacturers looking to expand or supplement their existing capabilities on a project-specific basis.

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We help aircraft OEMs achieve their engine-aircraft integration and regulatory design approval goals by providing on-demand expert services in the analysis, testing, and certification of propulsion systems.


Whether you are looking to outsource overflow work, wish to supplement your existing team with hard-to-find expertise quickly, or need certification or consulting services, BAC Aerospace is here for you.

BAC Aerospace is Canada's first and only consulting company offering national-level aircraft certification expertise in the aerospace propulsion field for startups and emerging aircraft companies.   


We can help you get the design working and achieve Transport Canada certification, irrespective of the type of propulsion used: piston, turboprop or jet engines, or electric or hybrid propulsion.  Be sure to contact us as early as possible.


We specialize in aircraft re-engining programs for general aviation, helicopters, and transport category airplanes. 


Having extensive experience in the field, both at the design modification (STC) level and with certification of new and derivative aircraft models, our Transport Canada Design Approval Representative (DAR) can help you design and certify the modification you require.  No project is too large or too complex for us.

Offering top-notch expertise in aircraft certification in the propulsion system installation, engine, and noise fields, at BAC Aerospace, we are pleased to collaborate with our peers in other disciplines on large and complex projects.


Our scope of delegation is harmonized with the Transport Canada Powerplants & Emissions section, allowing us to sign for numerous seldom delegated requirements.

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