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BAC Aero is a creation of a former Canadian government expert in aerospace propulsion certification field.  The intent is to provide expertise to the emerging aircraft OEM and STC market that previously available only to large OEMs such as Bombardier, Bell Helicopter Canada or Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA)

We can help aircraft OEM, startups, aircraft modification companies, and independent DAOs and DARs working on aircraft propulsion projects.

  • Part 23: Normal, Utility, Aerobatic and Commuter Category Aeroplanes (all certification and performance levels in the Normal category at Amdt 64 / Change 523-18)

  • Part 25: Transport Category Aeroplanes

  • Part 27: Normal Category Rotorcraft

  • Part 29: Transport Category Rotorcraft

  • Part 33: Aircraft Engines

  • Part 34: Aircraft Engine Emissions (in Canada AWM 516 Subchapter B)

  • Part 36: Aircraft Noise (in Canada AWM 516 Subchapter A)

Having been involved in majority of significant propulsion system installation projects undertaken in Canada this century, our DAR stands ready to help YOU!

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