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Image by Jerry Zhang

Company Mission

BAC Aerospace is the first and only independent consulting and engineering services company in Canada to offer national-level aircraft certification services in the field of propulsion.  Our mission is to provide expertise to the emerging aircraft design firms and companies working on STCs previously available only to large OEMs.

Our Mission 


BAC Aerospace was founded with startup and emerging aircraft companies in mind.  We know aerospace is a tough business and that nowadays it takes less time and effort to build a working prototype than it takes to get the design approved by the government regulators. That is why we are here to help you!

As former government regulator himself, a senior engineering expert with Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification, our founder and principal consultant, Chris Baczynski, knows exactly what it takes to get the coveted Type Design approval. 

In addition to overall aircraft certification, our technical specialty is propulsion systems, or to use a more technical term, powerplant installations at the aircraft level.  These include not only the engine (or motor) installation, but also any associated systems, including propellers, engine controls, firewalls, cowlings, air intakes and exhaust, fuel and oil, bleed air, engine instruments, as so on. We can work with all means of propulsion, be it turboprop, turbofan, piston, electric, or hybrid.

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